iPhone 7 – Everything you Need to Know

The long wait is finally over. Apple has finally revealed its latest handset, the much anticipated iPhone 7. Yes, the rumors were true: Apple decided to simply name the next iteration of its handset an iPhone 7. Thanks to the numerous leaks in the last few weeks, the world knows (or thinks it knows) quite a lot about the 2016 iPhone. So, without further ado, here are the facts – no rumors this time.

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Look and feel

For the third year in a row, Apple has maintained its phones’ design the same. The new handset has a glossy finish, and its camera’s housing has been completely redesigned. Other than that, the handset looks familiar – its shape, size, and the placement of its buttons is much the same like in the last couple of years.

The old exterior comes with new features, though – like the completely redesigned home button, which is not only more reliable but also completely Force Touch sensitive and customizable as well. Besides, the new iPhone is now “toilet-proof” – it will survive an H20 plunge. What a relief.

Under the hood

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The new iPhone has a quad-core CPU (although Apple insists on calling it a “four-core”). Two of the four cores are “high-performance”, running at a speed 40% higher than those in the iPhone 6. The other two cores are “high-efficiency”, handling lighter apps for an improved battery life. The iPhone 7 comes with a brand-new graphics chip, too, 50% faster than the one inside the iPhone 6. Here is the faster gaming I’ve told you about before.

No headphone jack

The iPhone 7 will have no headphone jacks. Instead, it will come with a pair of Lightning-only earbuds. Those not willing to invest in a pair will be able to use their existing headphones, as Apple will include an adaptor with every iPhone 7 to ease the transition. The sound quality provided by the new ear pods will surely be superior – and digital.


Let the specs speak for themselves: 12MP, optical image stabilization, six-element lens, quad-LED tone flash, and a wide color gamut. The frontal camera of the new iPhone will have a 7MP sensor, so expect selfies to improve dramatically in the coming weeks.

Price tag

The new iPhone will cost the same as the previous model: the starting price will be $650 and $770.


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