How to Partition your Hard Drive with EaseUS Partition Master?

With the advancement of technology, nowadays hard drives mainly come with many multiple partitions that can be considered as an individual hard drive inside your main hard drive so as to distinguish it into many various sections. As we all know, that partitions are very much useful to separate the operating system from that of your documents. Mainly, manufactures include the recovery partition instead of the recovery disc with new laptops and computers. If you need to make, erase, organize, or resize hard drive partitions, EaseUS Partition Master gives you a chance to do this rapidly and for free. At first, you need to install windows 10 on external hard drive in order to proceed with the below steps.

Before following the below steps kindly don’t forget to check that you have a backup of your valuable data.

Finally here are the steps on How to Partition your Hard Drive with EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1: Download and install EaseUS Partition Master for disk partition windows 10.

Step 2: Open the program. You will find a picture horizontally presented comparing to your hard drive’s current partition. From here, you can choose any partition and utilize the switches at the top most of the screen.


Resizing Partitions: If you have various partitions and need to make one bigger, you should first diminish the extent of one by selecting the Resize/Move catch and choose a littler size. To develop the other allotment, select it and select Resize/Move again and build it to fill the additional space you made by contracting the other. The graphical sliders can likewise be utilized to confirm the partition’s size.

Make sure to note that the partitions are recorded in MB, so if you need to ascertain what number of gigabytes you will have, separate it by 1024.

You need to Erase Segment: If you have numerous partitions and need to erase one, just select it then tap the Erase catch. Keep in mind that deleting a segment removes all information put away in it, so be cautious with this one.

You need to Create a Partition: To make a segment, select any unpartitioned space and tap the “CREATE BUTTON”. If you don’t have any unpartitioned space, you will first need to resize or erase a current allotment.

Then Format the Partition: EaseUS Partition Master just gives you a chance to arrangement partitions as NTFS or FAT32, so if you will probably make a Linux partition, you’ll need to utilize free android data recovery software.

Step 3: Once you’ve designed your partitions, you should click the Apply partition to roll really out the improvements. You will need to restart your PC, keeping in mind it is restarting you may see a few screens on the partitions being modified. When it restarts, you ought to have your partitions arranged to your loving!


EaseUS Partition Master is free partition software which supports the Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 10 partition, Windows XP 32-bit, and Windows Vista 32-bit. If you’re searching for the 64-bit bolster, it’s offered in the Professional and Server releases of the software. You may find other recovery software for Android too.


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