A New Era for the American Economy

As the US welcomes its new President, many people can’t help but wonder what will happen to the country’s economy now that a new administration has taken over the White House. During the Presidential campaign, the American people showed a hunger for change that translated to the unprecedented win of a Republican businessman turned TV personality. The unexpected turn of events left America shaken because of how controversial this public figure was. However, the ballots have spoken, and it has declared a President in Donald Trump.

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President Trump officially took his role in January 2017, and has since then been showing the world what he has to offer. Surely, a successful businessman like him would not have made it this far if he did not have anything to show for his big win. His conservative views and hardball demeanor have been the root of all the controversial Trump news surrounding him since his candidacy. This is most likely because of the sharp contrast between the hotel magnate and his Democratic predecessor who easily charms the wits out of a crowd. The contrast between the two is not just limited to their personalities, upbringing, and political parties. This difference can also be seen through their varying policies, especially on immigration and healthcare.

Former President Obama himself comes from a line of immigrants which is why his policies have been generally favorable towards immigrants. In fact, many considered him to be lenient on his immigration policies. Part of his legacy as president was giving reprieves to illegal immigrants who pose no threat to security and have strong ties in the US. Obama also recognizes the fact that deeply rooted in the country’s history is the acceptance of immigrants.

On the other hand, Trump’s immigration policies seem to take a step back from his predecessor’s, as he moves to reopen cases of those illegal immigrants that were given reprieves. Earlier this year, Trump also signed an executive order that blocked citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the US. Shortly after the order was implemented, a temporary restraining order was imposed by the federal courts due to the overwhelming number of cases being filed.

A similar thing is happening with the country’s healthcare policies. Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act which provided health insurance to around 21 million Americans who were previously not insured. It also sought to protect Americans from restricted coverage by giving insurance to patients with pre-existing conditions. However, many disapproved Obama’s ACA since people had to pay higher premiums. This is why one of Trump’s platforms during his campaign was putting an end to Obamacare.

Keeping his word, Trump put out the American Health Care Act to eventually replace Obamacare. This means that millions of people who had Obamacare could lose their healthcare insurance once Trump’s health care bill passes. Though the AHCA is still in its early stages, the Republicans are already aware of how millions of Americans feel over the possibility of losing their insurance. Consequently, Trump has vowed that his bill would still provide insurance for everybody. The main difference between Trumpcare and Obamacare is that Trumpcare will base its tax credits solely on age. Obamacare considered family income, local health insurance costs, and age.

It has only been a few months since President Trump sat in office, but he has definitely already made some significant changes in the American economy. Things are taking a different turn since Obama’s exit, and the future of the country now lies in the hands of the Trump administration. This is the beginning of a new era for the American economy.


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