How to Face the Engineering Entrance Better

Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most desired professions in India.  Additionally, it is equally difficult to get through the entrance for majority of students. Equipped with study materials and doing their best, still the fear of facing entrance exam is no better known than those pursuing engineering. It is all about the manner in which one should be approaching it. Instead of thinking about getting admission in top private engineering colleges in India one must focus on the task at hand.

Schedule studies

The first thing that you need to get started with is to make a time table. This would include your study timings and your legitimate break time. Often students are in such a fear of the entrance exam itself that they are not able to maintain a proper time table or set aside a dedicated study schedule. Discipline is essential for putting in dedicated hours of studies, taking break for eating and refreshing the mind and then continuing with studies. Experts suggest it is essential to take 15-20 minutes break.

Seek guidancefor clarity

Seeking proper guidance is essential into understanding how you need to prepare better. The concepts should be clear; this can only be done by an expert teacher or instructor. Clearing out your doubts is essential that will help you with concept clarity. With regular coaching things can change. The concepts and formulas should be clear to the student approaching the entrance exams.

Notes and revision

Making notes of every topic is essential, but make small notes or comprehensive list pertaining to formulas. This will help you in covering up concepts faster and doing revision smoothly. Remember that you need to revise your concepts back to X and XII. The curriculum contains similar concepts that require you to have a good understanding of your base.

Checking our sample papers

Going through the sample papers will help you understand the pattern. It will help you practice in advance on previous year questions. You will get help with the kind of questions posed during the exam time and you will be well prepared for it when the time comes.

Taking mock tests

Mock test will show you where you actually stand based on your abilities. It gives you fair idea about the feel of real exams. This helps in eliminating fear for exams. Tracking scores and keeping a note on your progress will enable you map your way to successful outcome.

During the paper

Following a definite pattern for solving paper will ensure that you get comfortable with the exam routine. Often the exams are designed to create confusion. It is essential to stay calm and maintain composure. This approach will help you in focusing on the paper and solving it successfully.

Negative marking

Entrance exams have negative marking. For this reason it is essential to only answer questions that you are sure about.

Stay positive

The biggest thing that you need to embed in your mind is positive attitude. For this you should be confident about yourself and your preparation. You have done it all and you are going to clear it all. Over thinking will only lead to confusion. You should think less and believe more that everything will turn out well.


With all that is said above, you will be able to positively look forward to the engineering entrance exams. For this you will know that after preparing well and eliminating the psychological fear of entrance all goes well. It is all about getting into top private engineering colleges in India with this entrance, then there is more to come.


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