Online Vs. Traditional MBA – How Are They Different?

Online MBA programs are gaining popularity and according to a recent study, students who are engaging in higher studies are mostly opting for online courses. Just a few years back, people used to look down upon people pursuing online education, but all that’s changing and today learning through distance education is considered to be as good as their traditional counterparts.

Let’s take a look at how an online MBA is different from an on-campus traditional MBA.

The Program

Online MBA offers you a lot of flexibility as far as the schedule of the program is concerned. When pursuing traditional MBA, there is a fixed time table that you need to follow. You are required to attend regular classes and lectures unlike online courses. In an online MBA, everything is technology based and you get all the study materials via the internet. You can prepare according to your convenience and continue with your present job as well.

These reasons make online MBA a favourite among the working professionals.

Online and Campus Learning

The curriculum followed is the same whether you opt for online or traditional MBA. This means you get to learn the same thing depending upon the specialisation you choose. However, it is really important that you enroll yourself in an accredited college. A common mistake that students make while applying for an online MBA is that they don’t pay much attention to the accreditation of the college. Your degree holds no value if your degree giver is not accredited by NAAC. So make sure you check first!

However, if you are someone who learns better in physical classes and with lectures, you should opt for traditional MBA. When pursuing online courses, you’ll need strong self-motivation power to set up your own time table and commit to it.


Employers these days are mostly concerned with the quality of your education and not your mode of getting it. If you can crack CAT with a near 100 percentile and get admission in one of the top B-schools of the country, then that’s a whole other game though!

Apart for that, an MBA gotten from any type of education holds the same value and will help you to advance to better positions in your company.

So, whether you’re planning for a distance MBA in finance, an online MBA in HR, or in any other field, and don’t know which mode to opt for, consider these differences while making a choice.


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