John Stamos Has One Request If You’re Watching Fuller House

Sorry to break it to everyone, but John Stamos is apparently not into your weekend plans.

The subject of many a middle school crush posted an Instagram this afternoon showing him and co-star Dave Coulier on the set of the reunion show, captioned with a snarky plea. “3 words I do not want to hear associated with #Fullerhouse Netflix And Chill. Thank you.” Have mercy, Uncle Jesse!

Despite its squeaky-clean image, the original Full House wasn’t exactly the most wholesome place behind the scenes. Between rumors that Uncle Joey himself was the inspiration for the bitter Alanis Morissette hit “You Oughta Know” and the fact that Bob Saget’s off-screen humor is less Danny Tanner and more dirty, it seems like the cast doesn’t have much of a stone to throw about what you might get up to on your sofa.

Although, Stamos may have a point. The last thing you want to hear in a romantic setting is a laugh track as you’re taking off your pants. And while Stamos may have aged like a fine wine, the idea of suddenly looking up and seeing one of Uncle Joey’s puppets in the middle of an, ahem, intense moment would definitely kill the mood.


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