Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand Turns Your Smartwatch Into a Macintosh

We all love to see wacky products once in a while. And there just so happens to be one such product out there that looks useful and provides some nostalgia as well. The Elago W3 Apple Watch stand is a smartwatch stand that makes your Apple Watch look like a miniature Macintosh computer.

Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand Turns Your Smartwatch Into a MacintoshThe $15 smartwatch stand is shaped like a Macintosh computer with a circular hole that holds and charges the Apple Watch. Sliding the Apple Watch into the hole will turn the screen into the tiny monitor’s display. The stand can hold both 38mm and 42mm straps can be tied around the back or you can choose to remove the straps and simply place the body inside.

The Elago W3 is made of “scratch-free silicone” and supports both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2. The stand is also compatible with the smartwatch’s Night Stand mode, which lets you use the “tiny Macintosh” as an alarm clock.

Elago’s products including the Elago W3 Apple Watch stand are available on Amazon and via its website.

For those who wish to travel back in time to visit Apple’s glory days with the Macintosh, the Elago W3 at $15 is perhaps the most affordable way to go there.

Aakash Ghosh

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