Hoverboard fire menace now apparently also burning up cars


As investigations continue into numerous house fires caused by hoverboards, authorities are now looking into an incident in California in which a hoverboard apparently caught fire and destroyed a woman’s car.

The incident occurred in Rialto, California while Maria Gomez was driving with her cousin and father. According to Gomez, the hoverboard, which was sitting on a floorboard in the car, began smoking.

Speaking to KCAL, Gomez said, “[My cousin] had it between his legs, and he he started to go ‘Hey, it’s smoking, it’s smoking.’ And my dad said, ‘What?’ And then my cousin said ‘Pull over.'” The trio leapt out of the car, which then caught fire, apparently from the smoking hoverboard.

While the Rialto Fire Department has yet to confirm the cause of the fire, Gomez’s account aligns with several other accounts from around the world, including multiplereports of hoverboards catching fire and damaging homes (and catching fire in malls).

The danger has now grown to the point that hoverboards have been banned from several airlines and college campuses. And at least one lawmaker in Australia has said she plans to call on the federal government there to ban hoverboards as safety hazards.

At least one lawsuit has been filed so far related to a hoverboard fire and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) felt compelled to release a strong warning in December to consumers who might be thinking of purchasing a hoverboard for Christmas.


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