It’s Official (But Is it Essential?) Everything you must know about PS4K

Aaaand it’s official. After the huge success of the PlayStation 4, rumors (now a reality) sparked regarding the release of a new console people called “PlayStation 4.5 or 4k.”

So what do we know about this new rig?Let me cut a bit here. It’s a bit strange, actually- because while increased GPU power is being provided to developers, in reality it is nowhere near enough to provide 4K gaming at the same quality level as the existing 1080p titles. The full extent of the spec is of course a big issue for us, but realistically, it’s quite impossible to cram the equivalent of today’s top-end PC graphics into a small, mass-marketed console.

But we won’t spoil PlayStation 4.5/4K for you. Besides, if it won’t do any better than the current one, why would Sony bother creating it at all? Money? That’s a long fetch. They wouldn’t want to damage the company’s credibility for that.

Here’s what the new PlayStation has to offer – all that we know. We swear.

Enhanced Power and Graphics. One obvious upgrade. A boost in processing power will lead to better graphics for future games. It would also pave way to additional power for future VR games, rivaling PC-based competitors like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

VR Technology?Yes. Eurogamer, a popular gaming site confirmed its existence through its reliable sources. The technology behind that upgrade comes from current advancements and industry standards of AMD, Sony’s CPU and GPU manufacturer.

More memory capability. Sony will most likely bump up the surrounding memory architecture. Increased memory would be required to get more out of the 4K resolution (higher quality texture/graphics), and more than that – faster RAM is necessary to service the more powerful GPU. This could increase the price range of this new rig. Other faster technologies – like HBM – exist, but still remain too pricey and aren’t ready right now for display in a console.

Media Side Changes. The PS 4.5/4K is expected to support HDMI 2.0, which enables 4K video output at 60Hz along with the HDCP 2.2 content protection scheme – so Netflix at 4K will be no problem. Who knows, we might even see a next-Gen 4K Blu-ray player in there as well.

PlayStation 4.5/4K Price. We don’t know much, but this console wouldn’t be cheap owing to the upgrade to the processor – possibly on par with PS4’s £359/$399 launch price. This would be higher depending on how much Sony will push the boat in terms of processor size and memory allocation.

The big question          

So should you wait for it, or should you just go ahead and buy a trusty PlayStation 4. I’ll choose the latter personally, not because I think Sony can’t pull it off, but because there’s tons of great games out there waiting to be played – and I don’t need 4K resolution to enjoy them.

For now you’re better off buying great PS4 games available online at Harvey Norman and other leading outlet and game stores near you. But why go outside when it can be delivered at your doorstep right? Just a thought.


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