Nootropics for Depression

Depression is one of the most common disorders in today’s world. It is a cognitive disorder usually found with anxiety and mood swing issues. Millions of people are suffering from these cognitive disorders all over the world. Depression makes the individual suffer from feeling like unimportant, sad, and hopeless. Once it starts, he or she cannot lead a normal life. In few conditions psychotherapy can give solution to this. Other cases need which arouse from chemical imbalance in brain, demand different type of treatment. Anxiety may even alleviate depression symptoms.

Coluracetam is a nootropic initially used only in Alzhemer’s disease. Recently studies have proved its antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. It can even show positive results in comorbid which is a major disorder related to depression. One more benefit is there were no side effects found after using this nootropic. So it can best suited for patients who have problems with traditional antidepressants.

Taurine is another nootropic which can be used as antidepressant. Studies on this nootropic mainly concentrated on test subjects with diabetes. Still they have stated that it can also be effective even as a naturally occurring antidepressant.


One more very popular and potent nootropic agents availableis Noopept. This is famous for its quick action on the body. Its effects can be experienced, minutes after the dosage taken. Reason behind this is its increased bio availability. It can cross blood brain barriers easily, easily metabolized and absorbed. It works in similar way as aniracetam when curing mood swings. It affects neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. These are responsible for balanced mood. Noopept can increase the desire to get things done, enhance productivity and motivation. It is said to be more potent because it helps in overall well being of the user.

Vascular origin and traumatic origin cognitive disorders can also be treated with noopept. They promote healthy brain cells. This is because they have neuro protective property. Brain damages can be treated using noopept because it has the ability to reverse damages and help building neuro linkages needed in the brain. With all these properties it gets the ability to improve mood, eliminate anxiety and cure depression.

Sulbutiamine is the one more nootropic agent listed among effective nootropics for depression. Basically it is a vitamin derivative. But it can act like other nootropic agents. Thiamine is a chemical famous in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Sulbutiamine is the modified version of thiamine. Sulbutiamine doesn’t come with insomnia effects like other snit-depressants. So it is quite useful in the treatment of depression.

Even adrafinil and inositol nootropic agents are also having anti-depressant properties. These are also effective in enhancing mood and reducing the symptoms of depression in users. Inositol is again a vitamin B nootropic. It is said increase the levels of GABA receptors in brain. It has the ability to enhance the benefits of other drug taken along with it. So it is best agent for nootropic stacking.

Adrafinil is one more nootropic agent listed for depression. But usually it is not prescribed because of its mild toxic nature. At higher doses it can effect live functioning and can lead to liver damages.



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