Spin bike buying guide for newbies

Obsessed about losing weight as quickly as possible with the help of a spin bike? Well, there are many spin bikes available in the market which will help you out in shredding your calories but to get the best one according to your requirements is always a tough thing to ask for. However there are many ineffective spinning bikes too which may be of no use and thus you need to buy the best one for you. Well if you are a novice, then certainly it is easy to call that the whole thing will be tough for you and you need to get the hold of a proper guide to the spinning bike. For this, all what you have to do is follow these basic guides to find what you need:


Flywheel weight

The first most thing that you need to take care of is the Flywheel which is located in the frontal portion of the spinning bike. You need to see what the weight of it is because the greater it gets, the smoother it is for you to keep exercising. The average good flywheel will be of a deviated weight of 22 kg. You should be always sticking to the requirements which will be helping to keep exercising.

Drive system

The next big thing which you need to consider about is the drive system which will be giving you a good combination of a chain as well as belt. Always try to look for a belt driven bike as it has some good advantages. It is easy to continue the maintenance of the belt drivers as they are adjustable. So always look for the best opportunity that you can have with the drive system.


Frame is also another important factor to consider when you are up on the mark of buying a spinning bike. The reason is the better the frame is the more stable is the spinning bike so you should be accurate while choosing it. Though it is tough to measure what a good frame is and what a bad one is, it is still better for you to try it out once physically before you buy it.

Braking system

Though there are many types of breaking systems available in the market, you have to be much more prompt in choosing the leather ones. This is because the longitivity of it is much longer and it gives a good comfort.


Same as above, the resistances are also of many types and it is recommended for you to choose which is easily available in the market. This will help you to replace or repair the spinning bike in time when you need it. Thus the electric magnet is what you need to have for your bike.


The next big thing is the console which is plugged in as a monitor. You need to check how advanced it is and how it is keeping you up to date.

Frame adjustability

Last but not the least thing which you need to see is the frame which will bring up a good review of the spinning bike. Adjustable seats will be flexible and easy to use for everyone.


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