FAQ on Website Security

What is ‘SiteLock’?

SiteLock is a cloud-based platform designed to find and fix website vulnerabilities using the most current online security technology and highly trained security experts. They use the latest in advanced security detection protocols to review your website against a multitude of vulnerabilities and attacks.

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What are Vulnerabilities?

A vulnerability is any access point within your website that allows hackers to compromise your site and in turn, steal your data, plant malicious malware, cripple or deface your site. Vulnerabilities can be found in software installed on your site and in the software on your servers.


Why ‘SiteLock’?

SiteLock’s comprehensive five-point service plans find, fix, and prevent malicious cyber attacks while also accelerating the speed of your site, and making it PCI compliant for peace of mind.


Is SiteLock the best?

As the global leader in website security, SiteLock maintains over 8 million websites on a daily basis and has partnerships with some of the world’s largest corporations. While there are occasional rumors of a SiteLock Scam, their partnerships with major industry players including GoDaddy, HostGator, and Network Solutions speaks to their commitment to being the best in website security.


Why Do I Need Online Security?

It’s not a matter of why but rather when. Some 80% of all site will be attacked at some point. A recent study found that over 86% of sites attacked had little to no online security protocols in place and that as many as half of all small business websites that are hacked will close shop within six months of the attack due to loss of revenue and consumer confidence. Don’t become a statistic; protect your business, reputation, and your clients today.


How does SiteLock Find, Fix, and Prevent website vulnerabilities?

SiteLock, is the only web security company to offer complete, cloud-based protection for all sizes and types of websites. They probe your website like a hacker would find weak spots and the SiteLock911 program downloads the site files, scans all website code, removes any malware, then uploads the data back to your server, all while automatically, patching weaknesses on-the-fly.


Can SiteLock help my business get PCI compliant?

All businesses that accept credit cards must be PCI compliant. SiteLock’s self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) guides you through the process of becoming PCI compliant. In addition, they scan your site and network (if required). Even better, you can add on their PCI-certified TrueShield firewall to ensure you easily pass the PCI scan. PCI compliance will help you avoid non-compliance fines from your processor and lower the risk of fraud for your clients.


Is SiteLock the right company to protect my website?

As the global leader in website security, SiteLock offers the experience and expertise of over 8 million protected sites. Their plans are designed to work for all sizes and types of websites. Their expert support staff is on call 365 days a year 24-hours a day. The multi-lingual dashboard is your one-stop for the most-up-to-date information, and everything is cloud-based meaning you can access it whenever and where ever you need.


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