Cyware: Your Personalized Cyber Security Assistant

March is a Fraud Prevention Month, which is made to raise awareness about the cyber threats and help general internet users to understand the importance of cyber hygiene. The internet touches almost all aspects of a human life, whether we realize the fact or not. When we completely depend on the digital world to fulfill our needs, it is highly essential to stay safe, as well. As we protect our home from intruders, we need to protect our digital space from cyber criminals. The Fraud Prevention Month is made to educate general internet users and to raise awareness about the significance of cyber security by providing them sufficient resources to stay safe online. Cyware – the cyber security mobile app is built with the same objective to educate people about the latest happenings in the cyber world by presenting expertly curated news, stories, and updates.

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Cyber security plays a significant role in every aspect of our life, whether we do simple browsing and access social media accounts or we involve in a serious job that revolves around the internet. Irrespective of one’s technical ability or background to understand the cyber security threats and its seriousness, it is essential to stay updated about the latest happenings of the cyber world, which helps us to take preventive steps that protect us from cyber threats. However, for a common person, it is close to impossible to read all the news published on the internet, hence Cyware – first of its kind cyber security mobile app is designed to scan hundreds and thousands of articles published over the web to present the information of real worth in a crisp and short format. We all need a meaningful cyber situational awareness that helps us to safeguard the sensitive data, sustain operations and protect the network infrastructure. Cyware, with its more than 20 niche products presents the most interesting news that not only helps the users to stay updated, but also helps them to stay vigilant.

Cyware, with its simple Swipe, Read, Learn and Share concept offers the cyber security news as per the reader’s interest. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, the elite team of professionals provides you the best content from hundreds and thousands of cyber stories published everyday on the internet. While creating the summarized content, the team retains the essential facts and the significant need-to-know cyber security news to engage readers. However, the original source of the article is also included in the cards. Normally, around 60 to 70 news cards are published every day at multiple times, which helps readers to quickly go through the news and be cyber aware.

Unlike general internet users, the cyber security professionals require a channel which offers the most significant cyber security news, which is encompassed with the emerging threats, latest malware and vulnerabilities, new cyber technologies and laws, policies, and regulations of different countries – Cyware exactly does that. It presents the most vital news real-time, which helps security professionals to stay ahead. The Cyware mobile application, more or less, acts as a personalized cyber security assistant and presents the latest happenings in the cyber world in real-time.


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