Internet- A Boon with Clauses

This is the era where a new technological advancement is encountered almost every day and a new technology brings along with it both exhilaration as well as threats. Children in today’s age are becoming dependent on the computers as it helps them in the field of education, creativity, and communication. All these advantages of the internet come with clauses. Children nowadays are found using the computer excessively and getting addicted to it. Extreme use of the internet can lead to anxiety due to the presence of violence shown in games. Moreover, any website might lead to inappropriate and questionable content. A child due to immaturity may not be able to shelter themselves from tumbling into pornography and lubricious contents on the internet.

Many times kids access the social networking sites. Communicating within the social networks can become a serious mental challenge and that is why these social networks have set an age bar. But the children by misrepresenting their age avail these sites and become vulnerable to many threats. Mental health of the child can get severely damaged as insults and bullying by the peers on social networking sites are getting common. Moreover, children can get in contact with imposters and fraudsters who have mastered the art of dealing with child audience through the internet and taking advantage of their innocence by cheating them. The imposters tend to avail the personal details such as the address and bank details of the parents through the child.

Ways to ensure online safety of your kid

One cannot be stopped from availing and making use of the internet through the PCs, Laptops or Smartphones as it has been a boon for us. So it is advisable to make use of this boon cautiously. Kids are more prone to get affected with the ill-effects of the use of the internet, so it is recommended to childproof your system to keep your child safe. There are ways that have been invented to ensure the online safety of your child. One of the ways is the web filter. In order to filter the content on the PCs, Laptops or Smartphones it is essential to install a browser that has the filtering option available. Another option to safeguard your child from the ill-effects and threats of using the internet is to use the parental control app like

Installing this kind of applications in the system has many advantages as it helps you with setting filters for programs. Online activities can be systematically monitored as this app making it possible to trace what kids do. Managing the time of your child is very essential and this application helps to switch off the computer once the time that has been set to access the internet lapses. Parents can also impose a ban on visiting certain sites and programs that have age restrictions. This monitoring software for parents can also protect you from phishing sites that are designed to steal your username and password. So, it is recommended to avoid a dangerous situation and protect your child from the dangers of the virtual space by availing this monitoring software.


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