Get the Latest Details about the Brand New Xperia X

Sony has always been a name that is synonymous to quality and Sony has proven time and again that it provides some of the most stunning smartphones and electronic options in the market. Sony is all set to launch three new Xperia flagship models- the Xperia X, the Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA. It seems that Sony is all set to give its competitors a tough run for their money. You can find a range of Sony phones with ebay coupons to find one which easily fits your pocket.

Check out the all new stunning features of the brand new Sony Xperia X:

Design and Built

The Xperia X is one of the most elegant phones you’ll find in the market which has been constructed for a sleek and fabulous experience. The phone offers a curved glass edge for display which is nothing short of a pleasure for your hands to hold with a sturdy and firm grip. The screen size is comfortable for you to manoeuvre with ease. The phone is available in stunning colors including Graphite Black, Lime Gold, Rose Gold and White for you to find your perfect pick. In terms of design, the technology is more intuitive giving you a finger print sensor on the side of the phone allowing you to unlock it with ease.Its display and design has been instinctively designed for you to use your phone with all its features even with the cover flap giving added protection. The covers are custom made for your phone to match its color for you to enjoy your phone at all times.


The phone offers a beautiful 5 inch display which comes with the latest Triluminos Display which has been designed specifically for mobiles. The vivid Full HD technology that is brought to the Sony BRAVIA has now been incorporated to give you a beautiful viewing experience that is unmatched by other players. Make use of exciting amazon coupons to get stunning deals on Sony Xperia phones to get the one that fits your choice best.


The Xperia X is all set to dazzle you with some interesting and well-polished internals for performance that will surely be unmatched. The Xperia X will feature a Snapdragon 650 chipset paired with a 3GB RAM for brilliant multitasking and handling heavy apps without any lag. The phone has 32GB internal storage option and an external card support of up to 200 GB which will allow you to comfortably carry and store data without any fuss. The phone will run on the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 which will surely bring you customization and functionality unachievable by any other User Interface in the market.


The primary camera on the Xperia X is a stunning 23 MP shooter which is one of the fastest cameras produced by Sony capturing images in less than 0.6 seconds giving you unmatched photography experience. The camera has Hybrid Autofocus and quick image processing which helps capture even the most spontaneous of moments so you never miss any precious moment in life. As for the selfie shooter, the phone has a selfie which can challenge any low light setting giving you nothing but sharp images every time thanks to its 13 MP shooter which gives output which is surely unmatched.


The Xperia X boasts of a battery IQ giving you battery and performance output like never before. The phone will be able to provide battery backup of about two days and a better lifespan when it comes to battery to give you nothing but uninterrupted performance. The phone has a 2620 mAh battery life which will also provide various saving modes including the STAMINA mode to give you more out of your performance.

Be sure to get your hands on the stunningly stylish Xperia X which is surely going to usher in a new age of mobiles.


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