Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours Suggest Heat Pipe Cooling System Like the Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is fast becoming one of the most anticipated devices of the year. Leaks have been aplenty, and fresh leaks give us details on how Samsung plans to dissipate heat from the device, an important feature given last year’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours Suggest Heat Pipe Cooling System Like the Galaxy S7DigiTimes reports that the heat pipe cooling system introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming to the Galaxy S8 as well. The company looked to introduce two pipes, but then finally decided to use the tried and tested method to avoid any hiccups (cough cough). The heat pipe cooling system is responsible of taking the heat from the chipset and transferring it to the back plate where it can be dispersed.

Previous Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks showed us some key hardware changes on the device, and the Galaxy S8 Plus variant was tipped to be the only one with dual rear cameras. There’s also reportedly going to be a dedicated hardware button for Bixby – Samsung’s rumoured AI assistant. The volume and power buttons are housed on the right edge, while the Bixby button is tipped to sit alone on the left edge.

Bixby is a result of Samsung’s acquisition of Viv Labs. This company is responsible for the development of Siri, and now it brings its intelligence to introduce Bixby. It is said to be able to run on native apps as well. Most of the leaks of the Galaxy S8 have been around Bixby and its capabilities, testifying that the company looks to push it as a big budget feature.

Apart from this, the Galaxy S8 is said to have a large dual edged display with no Home Button or navigation buttons. The device will embed the fingerprint scanner, the front camera, and the iris sensor underneath the display. The display is also tipped to be pressure sensitive. The smartphone is pegged to arrive sometime in mid-April.

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