5 Common Online Scams

In this day and age, every single user of the internet has faced their fair share of internet scams and other underhanded elements. Whether these have affected you or not depended on your judgment or the security of your browser. This is not the case any longer with online wallets now becoming increasingly popular and their security is quite goodas there are plenty of firewalls and other safety measures such as passwords and biometrics to keep even that online mobile recharge safe.


  1. The most popular internet scam of the email world was, and continues to be, the Nigerian Prince desperately trying to send you money, as they need to keep it some place safe. In return for this, they promise a sizeable payment, which has tempted several people into giving up their bank details, and consequently having their bank account emptied.
  2. Fees paid upfront are sometimes demanded on sites even if you are applying for a trial. Perhaps you are attempting to buy a car or just gain access to a site, but once you fill in those details, your account could be compromised.
  3. Other fraudsters take advantage of genuine shopping websites such as eBay, and put up fake items for auctions, or they do not come through with payments for your item.
  4. You might find yourself looking forward to a new movie or some other ticketed event and there seems to be a convenient portal online selling the tickets. But upon payment, when you go to pick up the tickets, they do not exist. This is another way that you could be cheated out of your money online.
  5. A pre-approved loan or credit card from a bank is yet another common scam. You get an email saying you have been approved for a sizeable loan and need to log in to your bank account or send them your bank details and the rest follows as usual.

Thankfully, these scams are no longer commonplace, with online wallets such as Mobikwik. Now, even a simple transaction is protected and authenticated by these companies, and if you do have any grievances or face any issues, whether it is with your Docomo online recharge or a shopping order, these companies ensure the speedy refund of your money or solve your grievances as soon as possible.


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