Can an Average Student Qualify JEE?

Indian Institute of Technology is the most esteemed engineering institute in India. Securing a seat in one of the IITs is tough, as it is the most sought out engineering college in India by students who dream of becoming engineers.With neck-to-neck competition, getting into an IIT no doubt requires unparalleled dedication. However, despite the vast syllabus and challenging competition, it is possible to get into IIT if you choose the right path and approach it with the right tools.

Cracking the JEE exam does not require the student to be a genius. Anyone with dedication and strongwillpower can qualify the JEE exam. However, the right set of tools makes it easier for students to clear the exam.

Here’s how an average student can qualify JEE

Joining a Coaching Institute

Gone are the days when only students who were academically weak used to go for tuitions and coaching classes. Today, anyone who is aiming to clear JEE is studying at a coaching institute. A coaching institute provides the necessary tools required to clear the JEE exam, from study material to lectures and mock tests. There are several coaching instituteswhere a student can enroll to kickstart their IIT dream. However, Aakash Institute remains the best coaching institute for students preparing for JEE. Aakash Coaching reviewon the internet will show you the advantages of enrolling at Aakash Institute.

Smart Planning

For average students, it is imperative to devise a strategy that is aligned with their goals. It is the first and foremost thing one must do after they have a clear set of goals in their mind. When you are preparing for JEE, it is necessary to organize your day and divide your time so that it becomes your asset. Joining a coaching institute will allow you to sort out your time more efficiently into studies. It is importantto be mentally prepared first if you wish to clear JEE. Students, average or genius does not matter;if you are pushing yourself and testing your strengths, you will surely clear JEE exam.

Strong Fundamentals

If you are an average student, it is important to have your fundamentals cleared. Have a clear understanding of the fundamentals involved in all the chapters of all the subjects; it is the key to success in competitive exams. The basic concepts of every topic remain the same. Since, both the exams have a similar syllabus (board and JEE), you can understand the workings of a concept easily. While the IIT-JEE has more sophisticated application of concepts, the theory remains the same. NCERT books are an adequate resource to help you understand the fundamentals and tricky questions well. Write formulas in a notepad on each topic, and refer to them while preparing for JEE.

Strong Execution

Execution is the key to success, and without proper execution, all your efforts may go in vain. After you are well-versed with all the concepts and the pattern of the examination, make sure you devise a plan that will help you execute it well. Take help from mock tests to understand the pattern well and give yourself enough time to get acquainted with it. Prepare a strong strategy that will help you attempt maximum questions in the stipulated time. On the day of the examination, read the question well, attempt the easy ones firstand make sure you do not dedicate more than a minute to any of the questions.


It’s a common misconception that JEE is only for scholars. Any student, who follows a great study plan, has access to good study material and has experts as mentors will surely be able to crack JEE. In the end, we just want to say that even an average student can also qualify JEE when guided well.



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