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Cyber security and information security are recognized globally as key parameters to ensure safety. Most of our lives are dependent on the internet – so much that we cannot even imagine life without it. Internet has become a routine deeply embedded into each aspect of our day. In fact, the first thing we do as soon as we wake up is check social media notifications. But are you sure that only you and your friends are able to see your personal details and not others? Are you sure your social media profile and information you share in it is not being used as a trap to hack your bank account and steal your money? You need to keep reminding yourself of vulnerabilities online platforms pose and prepare your accounts to secure yourself. There is an app which will help you achieve it – Cyware. Cyware is a cyber security awareness platform which provides timely updates and news articles – relating to malware, new vulnerabilities, data breaches and other information from the cyber security niche – in a summarized fashion. News platforms and online blogs are searched for relevant cyber news. The most relevant news articles are selected and summarized retaining only the important information and facts for quick consumption. The app powered by IBM Watson facilitates such features. Cyware is available both in Android and iOS platforms.

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Social media, these days is becoming a tool for cyber criminals to target victims and dupe them into revealing their personal information. With a quick internet search, one can find your identity number, place of residence and even your phone number. Cyber criminals use this information to scam consumers. You might have received emails promising huge discount which happened to be fake; or phone calls where the person introduced himself as a bank employee and asked for your PIN number and passwords. Well, those are Phishing and Vishing attacks, respectively. By downloading Cyware app, you get updates to know about new hacking or scamming techniques used by hackers. You can also find expert articles and blog posts with suggestions and tips on how to tackle such attacks.

If you are a cyber professional; Cyware also provided in depth analysis and reports on critical infrastructure, laws, cyber policies, threat intelligence and much more. If you are a general internet users, you can find articles related to mobile security, social media security, information security tips etc. The news cards published by Cyware are categorized to allow users to pick a category of their choice. Cyware also publishes daily/weekly newsletters which contain the most important news of that day/week. If interested, Cyware also shares personal opinion on interesting tweets by cyber security experts. To know more about the various features available, download the app. Well, who wouldn’t want an all-rounder app that ensure your online safety?


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