ECI Apps Suite Launched by Election Commission in Time for Upcoming Elections

With the election season about to start in India, Election Commission of India has released an integrated mobile app called ECI Apps on Google Play. The new ECI Apps suite consists of all the information regarding election dates, polling booths, electioneering, and voter facilitation in a push to enable more transparency and voter involvement in the upcoming elections.

ECI Apps Suite Launched by Election Commission in Time for Upcoming Elections“ECI Apps Suite is another step by the Election Commission of India towards conducting the elections in a manner that’s fair, efficient and easily accessible to all the stakeholders of democracy, namely- citizens, electors, candidates, political parties, election officials and the media,” the ECI Apps description reads on Google Play. “ECI Apps Suite aims to integrate, organise and streamline all the ECI Web and mobile apps and utilities under a single mobile application.” With the help of this app, voters can also keep a track of the trends and results on the counting day, i.e., March 11.

The ECI App Suite has three broad functions, as given by ECI on the app listing – to provide all the commonly used functionalities within the app, act as a store for various other apps that can be installed/uninstalled via this suite, and also act as communication mode for proactively pushing relevant information to the various stakeholders.

 Inside the app, you are welcomed with six options to browse – Elector, Election Office, Citizen, Candidate, Media and Political Party. You can choose one of the options as a role you’re preferring to view as. Since its launch on the Android platform, ECI Apps suite has been downloaded more than 100 times. An app for the iOS platform is also expected to be released soon.

You can head to Google Play to download the ECI Apps suite on your Android device.

It’s worth mentioning that five Indian states – Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh are going for polls starting February. The vote counting day, as decided by ECI, is March 11.

Aakash Ghosh

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