Elon Musk tweets tunneling image (but whose tunnel?)

Elon Musk in enjoying interesting times.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO been receiving criticism for agreeing to be on the president’s economic advisory forum. But for hardcore tech types, he’s been talking about something even more exciting.

Image result for Elon Musk tweets tunneling image (but whose tunnel?)In December, he claimed to be entering the tunneling business. He said it was the only way to solve LA’s traffic problem. He said his would be the Boring Company.

Last month, he insisted that the digging would begin in February. Still there was no confirmation that this was anything other than humor.

On Friday night, Musk teased a little more. He tweeted a picture of tunneling and just one enticing word: “Minecraft.”

What could this mean? Has the tunneling begun? Was the revolution so easily executed? Musk didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Saturday, however, the tunneling tease began again. Musk emitted another tweet. This time a picture of a tunnel with the words: “26 ft diameter tunnel running 2 miles under D.C.”

Aakash Ghosh

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