How To Move Or Resize Partitions Using Partition Magic

Want to reorganize the drive structure on your physical hard disk? Want to specifically resize or move some of the partitions on it? Although there are large number of partition managers available in the market to perform the aforementioned tasks, one particular partitioning tool that stands out in the crowd with its high productivity offering and simplicity is the EaseUS Partition magic. With the partition managers nowadays requiring larger CPU time as well memory resources to function smoothly, Partition magic is one of its kind partition manager that is finely tuned and optimized for ideal utilization of your computer’s resources.



Resize/Move Partitions using Partition Magic:

Many a times we feel an urge to reduce size of some of the drives on the physical disk in order to make space to create new partitions. Resize is the feature in EaseUS partition manager that allows you to change the size of your existing partitions on the disk. It is possible to increase the size of system partition also which will help to avoid the problem of low disk space. Moreover you can also move partitions so as to utilize unallocated spaces.

How to Resize/Move partitions using Partition Magic:

We can expand, shrink as well as move the partitions using the said partition manager. So let us discuss how to perform these operations in detail.

  1. Download and Install the Partition Magic
  2. After successful installation process, launch the partition manager.
  3. Make use of the Resize/Move feature of the partition magic to expand, shrink, move partitions on the physical disk. Let us discuss all these operations step by step:

To expand existing partitions:

  • Start by launching the partition manager. On the homescreen, you can see all the partitions and their respective details.
  • Choose a partition which is behind c drive. Right Click on it and select the Resize/Move option. A New windows pops up with the details of that partition.
  • Using the mouse pointer, drag the pointer from left partition handle in order to shrink its size and free up some space on the disk. Click OK.
  • Now in order to increase the size of the C drive, choose it’s resize/move option. Then, using pointer of the mouse on the right partition handle of the C drive, you can expand its size very easily. Afterwards, Click Apply.
  • However, if there is already unallocated space behind C drive, you can straightway choose the Resize/Move option and then, using mouse pointer from right handle, expand its size.

To shrink the size of the partition:

  • Start by launching the partition manager. The Partition Magic home screen will showcase all the partitions available on the disk.
  • Choose the partition for which you want to shrink its size. Then, Right Click on it and choose the Resize/Move partition option.
  • A window opens up which depicts the size of your partition in a pictorial manner. Bring the mouse pointer on the left partition handle and drag it towards right side to shrink. You can see the reduced size of the partition in the box below. Then, Click OK.
  • Click Apply to execute the shrink operation.

To Move a partition:

Before moving a partition, you must ensure that the disk does possess unallocated space.

  • Launch the Partition Magic tool.
  • On the home screen window of Partition Magic, choose the partition that you want to move, then, Right Click on it and choose the Resize/Move partition option.
  • At the bottom of the window, you will observe a pane which represents the selected partition. Using the cursor drag it forward so that you can see the unallocated space before the partition. Click OK to see the preview of the changes made.
  • Click Apply to commit the aforementioned operation.

So, using the EaseUS Partition Magic, you can resize or move partitions on your disk quickly as well as securely.



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