IT Support as an Enterprise Innovated by Composable Infrastructure

With the changing face of IT and its role as supportive organization, Flair4IT, a UK based support company, is drawing attention to the latest Hewlett Packard vision of composable infrastructure. They believe that this is effectively the future of IT departments across organizations.

Hewlett Packard is one of the world’s largest IT suppliers. They attended the Discover event in 2015, where they announced a new point of view and overall vision in relation to composable infrastructure. Since then, they have been rolling out their plans, delivering on their promise and vision, and other IT companies are now picking up on it, as it helps businesses and customers solve various IT problems.

A representative from Flair4IT, a UK based IT support company, has been monitoring the developments and Hewlett Packard and attended the 2016 HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, where an update was provided about how the composable product will fit in the overall market place. Specifically, it looked at transformations within company’s IT departments.

A representative from Flair4IT said: “It is important to understand the role IT plays in today’s enterprise, and how this changes all the time, if you want to see what the role of composable is. Traditional IT departments were there solely to provide support. They did have a number of back office systems in place to assist in a number of business processes, but their role was quite limited. And, interestingly, this role has never been changed at all. With the developing world of IT, support departments are having to change as well, and this is where composables come in.”

It can be seen across organizations in the world that IT departments are going through a period of significant transformation and development. No longer solely a support team, they now play an integral role in the overall business. Today, IT departments have a number of key responsibilities that go outside of support, including delivering new services, attracting new customers, developing new products, and more. Essentially, IT departments are playing an active role in expanding the margins of a company, and thereby driving their cost structure as well.

The Flair4IT representative added: “Today, IT departments are in partnership with the overall business, because demands on their services have changed so much. They are under a great deal of pressure to be able to keep up with the rapid rates of change and innovation. Within all industries, IT departments now ensure that the company remains competitive with the rest of the market. They provide not just support to their businesses, they help to create and deliver new services and products. And this is critical to the overall success of the business in the competitive marketplace. It simply isn’t possible anymore to run an organization without a strong IT infrastructure.”

According to Flair4IT, the Hewlett Packard composable idea and infrastructure will deliver on four key values, being:

  1. Reducing the investment that is necessary by ensuring there is no over-provision.
  2. Ensuring infrastructure is delivered on premises at a speed comparable to the cloud.
  3. Ensuring life cycle operations are simplified by using the limitless pools of IT resources that are out there.
  4. Ensuring developers are able to move at a much faster rate, thereby ensuring that IT is no longer in their way.

A composable infrastructure is basically a type of infrastructure that is able to deliver an experience that works both on traditional IT systems, and idea economy IT systems. This is down to three specific architectural principles, meaning that infrastructure is treated as a fluid type of resource pool, which is then wrapped in intelligence defined by software, enabling higher level management. All of this is then made visible through an API that works in unity and that is integrated with existing data center infrastructure.


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