Many say this is up to one’s individual alternative and price range

Even as dual and tri band radios are extra steeply-priced than mono band rigs, what a new ham should invest in isn’t perpetually so clear. For emergency communications, it might be pleasant to check together with your nearby ARES or RACES participants, discover what repeaters and simplex frequencies are used, and kept away from. I many to most areas, neighborhood communications are dealt with on 2 meters, but if the neighborhood emergency offerings are utilizing VHF  DX  high band, it usually is problematic to function in shared areas or on shared towers, so the regional beginner radio volunteers could have made up our minds that 70 centimeters are best.

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Multiband radios do present more space for experimenting with antennas. I did experience making a six meter antenna to use the 1 watt provider AM mode on the Yaesu VX-7R, and with the equal radio, making a small 222 MHz yagi to get the most out of its amateur radio  300 mw maximum output on that band.

More often than not we don’t need to tie up a greatly used 2 meter repeater for your subject with a protracted dialog or giant round table. Having another band option could make it less complicated to move to a repeater in the identical location with identical coverage that does not see as a lot undertaking. Many golf equipment put repeaters on a couple of bands on the equal website, making the coverage relatively predictable.

Multiband Radios with 6 meters and a excellent external antenna can sometimes work DX through sporadic E propagation. Whilst this will not occur always, primarily for FM, it does occur, and you could find yourself talking to stations a number of hundred miles away.


you may also best have a technician license, and feel that you are not yet able to make use of the HF bands proper away, latest rule alterations have given Technicians voice, knowledge, & CW on 10 meters, and CW on every other HF bands and the upgrade to common no longer requires a Morse code talent exam, which makes the upgrade relatively effortless. HF has a distinct situation with reference to emergency communications, making contact past the range of the local repeater, assuming it’s still working in a disaster, or beyond line of web site for simplex is quite often accomplished through HF.


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