PS4 Black Friday Sale: Deals on Overwatch, GTA V, and More

PS4 Black Friday Sale: Deals on Overwatch, GTA V, and MoreAfter teasing us with Black Friday discounts, Sony has finally revealed what you can pick up during its sale. Taking place from November 22 to November 29, there are deep discounts on a host of games. Here’s what you should check out.

Best PS4 Black Friday digital deals

Overwatch: perhaps the best game this year is now cheaper. It costs $39.59 (around Rs. 2,733) on the US PS Store. That’s 34 percent lower than its $60 price. PS Plus users gets an additional eight percent off. If you have an Indian PSN account, you can pick it up for Rs. 2,750. 31 percent off from its Rs. 3,999 price tag.

Star Wars: Battlefront: we may not be the biggest fans of this multiplayer-only shooter, but we can see the appeal of taking down AT-ATs and attempting marauding trench runs on the Death Star. More so at $10.49 (approximately Rs. 717) with an addition 10 percent off for PS Plus users. It’s Rs. 1,999 on Indian PSN.

GTA V: this open-world crime classic is now $29.99 (almost Rs. 2,050) on US PSN, making it around Rs. 700 cheaper than the Rs. 2,799 price on Indian PSN.

Batman: Arkham Knight: the Dark Knight’s last open-world adventure was a fun romp. More so at $11.99 (roughly Rs. 820) with an additional 10 percent off for PS Plus users compared to the Rs. 2,750on Indian PSN.

Street Fighter V: Capcom’s flawed but entertaining fighting game is half price at $29.99 (around Rs. 2,050). It’s an extra 17 percent cheaper if you have a PS Plus subscription. On India’s PS Store, you can get it for Rs. 2,062 with 25 percent more savings if you have a PS Plus account.

PS4 Black Friday discount code

Sony has also revealed a discount code to get a further 10 percent off on all purchases via the US PSN store. Enter D9NGJ7NF3L to claim this.ps4 black friday code ps4_black_friday

Don’t have a US account to take advantage of these deals? We got you covered with this handy guide. What are you buying? Let us know in the comments.

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