Selling Upscale Homes With Technological Savvy

A small niche of society purchases homes that are well into the seven figures. These homes are often expansive properties with land, structures and amenities dotting the landscape. Selling these homes takes more than just an ad in the newspaper. Consider the steps that are taken by today’s real-estate professionals as technology improves the transition process.

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Drone Perspectives

Drones aren’t just for recreational applications because they can be used as makeshift, camera crews. Real-estate professionals can fly these devices over a property so that the roof and surrounding features can be seen from above. These vantage points used to be impossible to see before technology, which gives buyers a perfect view of a brand-new roof or distinct pool design.

The drone video can be uploaded to nearly any device. Watch the video on a smartphone, tablet or standard laptop. It might be shared through social media or on a particular website. The real-estate agents will have a good idea of where it might have the best exposure. Every region and neighborhood is unique to its people and habits.

Geospatial Capabilities

Buyers of high-end homes tend to have many requests of the property and included amenities. In essence, they want everything designed for their particular interests. A fascinating way of describing a property is through geospatial imaging. Potential buyers can see an image of the property on a computer screen. The land’s topology and surrounding features are quickly visualized within this image.

A property might have rolling hills for beautiful wildflowers, or the home rests at the top of a large hill. Geospatial information also tells buyers if there are many shops, galleries or rural lands surrounding a particular home. All of this information leads to more interest in the property and a potential bid.

3D Tours

It’s a reality that some buyers cannot visit the actual properties as they look around for a good deal. In these cases, 3D tours become valuable tools on property websites. Virtual visitors walk through a home with the click and swipe of their fingers. They’ll see the layout as it stands right now. The tour gives them time to look at various features so that any questions can be asked.

The real-estate company controls the virtual tour’s content so every inch of the property is exquisitely clean and decorated. When it comes to real-life tours, it’s possible to show off an unsightly area by mistake. Virtual tours take that factor out of consideration.

Modeling Concept Homes

In some regions, high-end homes are currently being created. There are no physical structures to shoot and produce 3D tours for so real-estate agents turn to modeling concepts. By using high-powered software, model homes can be virtually created overnight. Prospective buyers look through these concept homes, and they can decide at that point if an investment is worth their time. Selling homes before they’re even purchased is lucrative for everyone involved, including the agent, developer and buyer.

Marketing high end homes takes a certain personality in the real-estate world. If you want to buy or sell an expensive property, your regional expert must be well versed in current technology. Some companies have dedicated their missions to high-end buyers and sellers. Align yourself with the best in the business to see any property move with relative ease.


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