Should you Engage a Video Production Company?

The organisations waking up to the power of video are increasing in number and it becoming more difficult to distinguish your business from your competition. If you have a ‘How to’ video, it is likely that your competitors have one too. If you have a promotional video on the homepage, you competitors have it too. The same applies to videos on other pages.

The video is the most popular form of content people love to consume and the billions of hours of video uploaded online have made the market highly competitive. Just a few short years ago, a video on an organisational website used to be a unique experience creative enough to offset any amateur production values. A good example is the ‘How to’ videos whereby customers would be grateful for any video instruction irrespective of the quality as long as they could see what to do.

Today, the situation is completely different and numerous ‘How to’ videos as other kinds of video content have exploded on company and social media websites as well as YouTube. The video is no longer a distinguishing factor on its own meaning that the quality of video content from both a creative and production perspective should be capable of competing with others that use the broadcast quality content.

You need a high-quality video if you want to be taken seriously in your industry, try NRG Digital. If you would like to be identified as being forward thinking and innovative, your video content needs to show this too.

All this points to the need for expert, professional assistance. So, what do you need to look for when choosing a video production company? Follow the tips below to hire a great video production company:

1. Ask For Relevant/Recent Projects The Company Has Undertaken

Video production companies always have a showreel for providing an overview of the projects they are involved in. However, it does not show the entire films but rather clips that fit properly together. While this can provide some background and provide a reason for contacting the video production company, you must never forget to ask for complete projects too. Doing this helps you understand how the company uses video for telling stories, communicating messages, and delivering results for clients as opposed to the perfect bits that are in the showreel.

2. Comparing Several Video Production Agencies

It is always good to explore your options even if you believe that you have found a video production company you are confident in and would like to work with. If not for anything else, it might just confirm that you have discovered the ideal partner. Still, you might find other video production companies better. It is a fair assessment to state that while some of the video production agencies might be technically proficient, they still lack the creativity other agencies exhibit while others might be good at making amazing looking content but fail to deliver on conversions.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

If you are considering several video production agencies, you can ask them to give quotes. You might discover that you will receive a range of quotes in proportion to the quality of their projects. However, this is not always the case. A good idea would be to spend your budget if you have one since you will get what you have paid for in terms of ROI, experience, production values, and creativity. If you are not sure if a video production agency offers value for money, consider digging much deeper. For instance, if most clients are on YouTube find out the engagement their videos are enjoying to have an idea of how successful they are and don’t forget to ask for testimonials for any current projects.

The demand for video content among organisations is growing and it is, therefore, a good idea to spend time finding video production agencies you can partner with moving forward. The advantage of doing this being that they will get to understand your company objectives, ethos, and culture, which in turn helps them generate amazing video content that aligns with your brand.


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