Smartphones have become our go-to gadgets

Smartphones have become our go-to gadgets, trusted tools we turn to for all our entertainment and business needs. While these devices work well out of the box, many of us want to personalize them with the latest accessories. Consider these cases and other add-ons to take your smartphone to the next level.

Lose the Cords With Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

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Bose is an audio industry leader, so you know its QuietComfort 25 Headphones are some of the best you’ll find. These Bluetooth headphones are powered by a single AAA battery which delivers up to 35 hours of use. A unique feature ensures the sound doesn’t die when the battery does, although the audio quality suffers. There’s also an optional cord; the headphones are easier to use without it, but the cord is a great backup to preserve the way your tunes sound.

The audio quality is as clean and dynamic as you’d expect from Bose. The noise-canceling technology drowns out background noise so you can use a lower volume and save your eardrums. When you’re done, the QuietComfort 25 headphones fold up into a compact carrying case, perfect for stashing in your carry-on luggage or briefcase.

Lens Cover for Samsung Galaxy Phones

This innovative lens cover is a must for shutterbugs. Made for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones, this innovative accessory features interchangeable lenses built into an elegant structure case. Slip it on, and let the wide-angle and telephoto lenses take your Android phone’s excellent camera to the next level. It’ll also protect your new phone from scratches and other daily damage. Make sure you’re connected to a fast, reliable network like T-Mobile so that you can post those amazing photos directly to your social media channels.

Fujifilm INSTAX Share Smartphone Printer to Print Your Selfies

With the Samsung Lens Cover improving your photography skills, it’d be a shame to keep your images captive on your smartphone. The INSTAX Share Smartphone Printer from Fujifilm prints your favorite digital images from any Android or iOS smartphone and tablet, converting them to beautiful physical photos for albums and picture frames. Its two CR2 lithium batteries are powerful enough to print around 100 photos before you swap them out.

TeckNet Power Bank Built for the Outdoors

Portable chargers have entered the mainstream, but few pack the punch of the TeckNet Power Bank. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, making it virtually indestructible and ideal for outdoorsy types. A built-in flashlight, compass, and carabiner add value when you’re hiking or camping. Its 1000mAH capacity can charge your phone three times from empty or provide another 30 hours of talk time.

Play Virtual Reality Apps With Speck Pocket VR With CandyShell Case

Virtual reality may be still in its infancy, but growing numbers of developers are already playing with VR technology and releasing apps utilizing it. If you don’t want to spend the money on a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, a mobile VR device makes a good entry-level option. The Speck Pocket VR is one of the best on the market for its quality and versatility. It’s not just a VR viewers; it’s also a smartphone case.

The Speck’s CandyShell case is made to comply with military standards, so you can trust it to provide shock and drop protection. Pull it apart to reveal the Cardboard-certified VR lenses. It’s comfortable to hold and performs better than many mobile VR viewers.

OtterBox uniVERSE Case System Expands Your Smartphone’s Possibilities

Don’t make the mistake of calling the uniVERSE simply a smartphone case. Its creators say it’s a mobile accessories platform. The case is designed to work with a host of partner mobile accessories including the Square Contactless & Chip Reader and the PolarPro VICE Bike Mount. The rail system makes it easy to securely clip the accessories on and remove them when you’re done. The uniVERSE also has serious drop protection credentials, which help to further justify its relatively high price tag. At this point, it’s also compatible with a very limited number of smartphones, although we should see uniVERSE cases for other models in the coming years.

Clever accessories like these can make your smartphone even smarter.


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