Space Savers in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are the perfect solution for many due to a variety of reasons. In big cities, a studio apartment means lower rent which translates into savings and they are also a favourite with single people due to the privacy they afford that might not be possible when sharing an apartment with a friend. Living in a small apartment, though, means you must maximize the utilization of the available space. A little bit of creativity and ingenuity can go a long way here.

Up the Wall

Lack of space can literally drive you up the wall! Start thinking vertically and make use of all that vacant space on the walls of your studio apartment. Use the walls to put up shelves that can hold your book collection or souvenirs. If you put up closed cabinets, then you can also turn one of these into shoe storage, but be sure to keep the door closed when there are guests about!

A small artistic shelf near the bed can also be used as a nightstand and a side table by day. If you need a modular entertainment unit for your television and accessories, look for one that can be affixed to the wall. When buying entertainment units online, make sure to check the dimensions first so that it fits into your limited space.

Furniture That Doubles Up

When furnishing your studio apartment look for pieces that can do double-duty or more.  For instance, an ottoman with storage cannot just keep your old magazines away from sight; they can be used as a footrest or seat when required. And if you need a table to serve the guests some refreshments, the ottoman can be handy here too. Buy a sofa bed so you are not left high and dry whenever there is a need for an extra bed.

Divide and Rule

Just because space is small doesn’t mean you must forego the pleasures of having a bedroom away from prying eyes. You can divide up the space with appropriate types of furniture such as a crockery unit, open bookcases, or an oversized headboard. Bookcases can also be used in a similar manner. Not only will this save you a good amount of money, you can just switch the look around and give a fresh appearance to your homes every now and then.

All Tucked In

If you really need a work desk and chair but simply do not know where to put it, go in for something from the variety of foldable stuff available everywhere. Use it, then fold it away and store it till you need it next. Or a wall-mounted, ancient, writing desk that can be closed when not in use.

Compact, useful, and sturdy are the keywords you need to keep in mind when looking for pieces to furnish your studio apartment. After going through these ideas, you could give some of these a twist of your own to come up with truly innovative solutions to your space dilemmas.


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