Surge Protector Fire Hazards

A surge protector is an appliance or a device that is designed to protect electronics from voltage strikes. This is made possible by limiting the voltage that is supplied to an electronic device. Most surge protectors come in the form of power strips, which allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices to the same surge protector. People tend to buy power strips to increase the number of outlets they have, and to protect their sensitive electronics from the effects of power surges. However, one potential downfall to this is that the power s trip allows people to attach more devices to a single outlet – which can result in fires, if too many devices are attached, or if too much power is drawn from the wall outlet.

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One of the common causes of power surges is lightning strikes; however, most power surges can come from within the home. Power surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then started again, or when something sends the electricity to flow back into the system. One way in which power surges can occur within the home is when devices with motors start up or shut off, diverting electricity to and from other appliances that are plugged in.
When you attach an electronic device to the outlet, electricity flows from the wall, through the electronic, and back into the wall – forming a closed circuit. When you use a power strip, you have the potential to attach a multitude of devices to the same outlet. However, this can result in the circuit overloading, and putting your home or your office at risk. You can plug in multiple devices if they’re all low-wattage devices; but if you plug a number of higher devices, like computers, into the same wall outlet; it can result in blown fuses, sparks, and potential fires.

Surge protectors, and power strips, can be used safely if you manage to make sure that these devices don’t overload. If you spread the number of electronics you have over a number of power strips, this helps prevent from one wall outlet taking the burden, and getting overloaded. However, one thing you should not do is plug one power strip into another one. This is one of the easiest ways to overload a circuit with a surge protector, thereby putting your home or office at risk. Try and make sure to use all the wall outlets your home has to your convenience, and spread your electronic devices around, so that not too much power is being drawn from the same wall outlet for too long.

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