Value comparison between Online B.Sc and Distance B.Sc

Offered by universities aplenty, employment oriented foundational courses like a Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Information Technology can help you set a foot in the multi-billion dollar Indian IT industry or a Bachelor of Administration can help you climb the corporate ladder. It’s undeniable that for a willing student in India, a plethora of options are available in the form of online and distance education models – be it the subject or the level of study.

One of the burning questions a student has to answer before taking them up is that the convenience and flexibility offered by these courses apart, how much is the course valued at ground zero, be it at the workplace or as a foundation for a post graduate course admission? Moreover, are they worth your money, time and effort?

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Is one mode of study valued more thanthe other?

In the distance model, students derive value addition in the form blending innovative learning methodologies incorporated in the curriculum. A course like B.Sc. IT distance education may offer self-learning material supplemented by industry-centric projects that are required to be completed during the course.

Online B.ScComputer Science degree courses usuallyrely mostly on the digital means, be it for imparting training or for student assessments, thereby offering value in terms flexibility of course access and timeline of course completion, among others.

Regardless of the mode, depending on the university you choose to pursue these from, such degrees can open up a number of job prospects in the IT field, from software engineering to roles involving project management.


Can you give me an example?

The Sikkim Manipal University, for instance, has tied up with the Manipal University to offer Edunext learning for its BSc IT course, among other degree courses. This is a tech-based initiative that not only extends learning irrespective of geography but also ensures recognition in the employment arena. While such inclusions are intended to make a student be job-ready, upon course completion, each of them calls for evaluation of the pros and cons on an individual basis.


How do I make sure that the course is accredited?

The validity of accreditations for a university and course is only for a specified period. Thereafter they have to be renewed. Most of the best distance education universities in India do not rest on past laurels. They ensure that the renewal of awards is a continuous process. However, if you want your hard-earned degree to be valued, do ensure that the selected course from the university has got necessary approvals and recognitions at the time of your enrolment. Such verifications are a necessary evil which can assure good pay-offs for you, as a student or as a professional!


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