Watch Dogs 2 Gets a Limited-Time Free Trial on PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft has released a limited-time free trial for its title Watch Dogs 2, one of the better game sequels to come out last year, for PS4 users. Even though Ubisoft says that the trial will be made available for Xbox One users as well, they will have to wait till January 24 to get their hands on the trial. Unfortunately, PC gamers have been left out of this trial treatment by the publisher.

Watch Dogs 2 Gets a Limited-Time Free Trial on PS4, Xbox OneThe limited-time trial for the game on PS4 is already live and allows users to experience the open-world gameplay of Watch Dogs 2 for up to three hours. The trial might be limited in terms of duration but allows players to enjoy all features of the full game with online modes like Hacking Invasion, Bounty Hunter, and two player co-op solo missions available apart from the solo missions, as pointed out in a report by Engadget.

Notably, with this trial, players will be able to play online with other players who either own the full game or are also participating in the trial. Further, players’ progress in the trial will be carried forward in case they opt to upgrade to the full game later on.
As the entire game’s content will be downloaded for the trial, the download size is expected to be between 25GB to 28GB but users can start playing the first mission after downloading 12GB of game’s data, Ubisoft pointed out in a post on its website.

In our review of the game, we said that with a wealth of gameplay options and refreshing degree of freedom, Watch Dogs 2 is a “stellar” entry in Ubisoft’s open-world hacking franchise.

Watch Dogs 2 got into controversy after its release last year as the developers had to issue a patch to remove explicit content from the game. In one of the details that were overlooked by the developers but caught by a player, a non-playable female character (NPC) in the game was found without underwear.

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