What Does Your Website Say About Your Brand’s Strength?

 In assessing the strength of your brand, how much stock do you take in your website?

If the answer is not too much, you need to give that thought pattern a change, a change that should be made today and not tomorrow.

Whether you like it or not, your website is a major investment in your brand. Without it, how would you tell the consumer world about the products and/or services you have available to them?

For those business owners whose website has not been making enough of a statement in recent times, change that moving forward.

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How Can My Website Resonate with Consumers?

So that you can put in place a website that is second-to-none, here are some tips to file away:

  • Mission statement – First and foremost, why do you have a website? If you have trouble answering that question, you definitely need to go back to the drawing board. Remember, your website is essentially your face to the outside consumer world. Without a website, you can of course still conduct business, but it is made so much easier by having an online presence. Understand why you wanted a website in the first place, what your goal or goals are with it, and how you will achieve such goals;
  • Achieving goals – So that you can achieve the goals you set forth for your website, be sure to execute them regularly. If you’ve had your business website for a long time now, it is undoubtedly delivering some results for you, that is unless it is all but abandoned by you and just there for the sake of having one. In the event your website is newer, there is still time to mold it into the advertising and marketing vehicle you want it to be. At the end of the day, you want your website to basically be an online business card, one that opens the door for consumers to browse and shop with you. One of the reasons consumers typically shop with a business is because that company is rather organized. So, ask yourself, how organized is your website? If not very, make that a priority to fix;
  • Organize your look – If your website is downright scary to look at, how much business do you truly think will come your way in terms of online sales? Having an organized website such as a tradebit or other brand is imperative. In the event consumers are basically tripping all over themselves when on your site, that is a recipe for disaster. They should have a smooth ride through your site, one that allows them to find what they are looking forward in a short amount of time. Otherwise, they will leave and may never return, thereby costing you potential business revenue. You also don’t want them leaving and telling others (family, friends, co-workers etc.) that your site is nothing short of a disaster. Let them leave your site with the idea of telling others how great it is and why they should pay you a visit or two;
  • Spread the word – Finally, your customers can be your greatest brand ambassadors when you stop and think about it. Just one positive sale to them can lead them to tell others how much they enjoyed doing business with you. In return, show such customers appreciation, especially those who have done business with you for a long time. By offering deals, rewards, coupons and more, you plant the seeds for a long-term relationship. Those relationships will undoubtedly lead to other ones. When all is said and done, the business-customer relationship is one that should always be nurtured and promoted for the entire world to see.


While it is important you never rush your company into any decision, having a formidable website is one where time is of the essence.

No, don’t throw up a site in a short amount of time without thoroughly thinking it through.

Do, however, make your website a priority if it has been lower on the totem pole in recent times.

Your website should say nothing but positive things about your brand’s strength.

So, can you say that about your site each and every day?


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