What is SiteLock and what can they do for me?

If you are new to creating websites, you may have just heard of SiteLock. If you have signed up for a domain on popular web hosting platforms like HostGator, you have likely seen an option to sign up for their website security services.

What does this program have to offer? This post will give you a short overview of what you can expect if you sign up for SiteLock.

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What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based security software suite that protects over 5 million websites around the world. Such a robust customer base undercuts the legitimacy of the so-called SiteLock scam, which is based on a few dramatically negative reviews, and nothing else.

The experts behind this company have an extensive educational background, hailing from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Caltech and Stanford. Unlike most security software, SiteLock is not locally based.

Except for the code that is required to communicate with client servers, the remainder of this program’s functionality exists on one of many cloud servers spread around the world. This allows them to deliver services such as malware detection, repulsion of DDoS attacks, and e-mail scanning without the problems that stand-alone programs face.

SiteLock has grown its business by partnering with known hosting providers such as GoDaddy, offering its protective Services as an affordable add-on to the monthly fees that a webmaster pays to host their website.


What features does SiteLock bring to the table?

Of all the features that SiteLock offers its customers, none are quite as prominent as the measures it has in place to protect them from malware. Using the latest signatures that the customer never has to update themselves, its 360 degree scan does a detailed analysis of a website’s file structures on a daily basis.

TrueShield WAF defends websites from more sophisticated hacker maneuvers, which include cross-site scripting and SQL injections. SiteLock also has defenses in place to block massive volumetric DDoS attacks by using the full weight of their global servers to repel junk traffic that is attempting to bring down their client’s websites.

SiteLock is more than just a security company, as they also offer functionality that allows webmasters to increase the load speed of their pages. This is accomplished through a suite of tools designed to help customers squeeze every last bit of performance out of their site.

For complicated inquiries, SiteLock offers security consultants that are intimately knowledgeable about internet security issues. While these services come at a cost that is additional to their monthly fee, the money invested can help small businesses quickly deal with problems that are far beyond their comprehension.


How much will SiteLock cost me?

When the founders of SiteLock priced their services, they decided to focus on small businesses that did not have the resources or the expertise to install complicated security systems on their servers.

Their pricing regime reflects this, as a bootstrapping entrepreneur can get in for as low as $1.67/month, allowing them access to basic malware protection and partial access to SiteLock’s CDN.

A more established company with greater access to financial resources can as spend as much as $16.67/month if they so choose, as it will allow them full access to the full suite of tools available through SiteLock, including their lauded Web Application Firewall.


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