Winstrol versus Anavar: Adjudge Carefully And Pick Your Choice!

Steroids are synthetic chemicals that are administered in the human body in various medical conditions to fetch positive results. In the current times, steroids are almost synonymous to one aspect: muscle building or body building purpose. The pace at which the mania to be the master of a ‘model like’ body has caught up, it has upped the demand and even the speed and focus on plenty many researches related to them. They are known for quick results, no doubt, but so are they for the many side-effects that they are capable of producing, if one does not discriminate in the choice. Occupying one of the top positions in this inexhaustible list of the available ones are: Anavar and Winstrol.

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About Anavar and Winstrol, The Steroids

Anavar is a steroid option that is used to cut down on one’s body fat and achieve a much leaner and taut look eventually. It actually has the ‘impression’ of a very safe and natural one, in fact very mild in its reaction, though not in the eventual effect. It has been more popularly, though, used in combination of other steroids, but even consumed solely, it has achieved the mentioned motif. The Anavar Only Cycle has been known as a popular way to get the body in shape where only this is used.

It is good to use something like Anavar. This is one steroid any one could start a chapter with, if never have before used any. Its chemical formula is C19H30O3 and the key ingredient that is responsible for the desired effect is Oxyndrolone. It was developed in 1964 by Searle Laboratories for more specifically for weight loss. It is because this is supposed to be made of such constituents that most can easily tolerate and digest. And all doubts of any side effects can be only read and laughed at because there are hardly that are noted since its inception and consumption! So much is the fame of its safety that even women are taking to it as it is a safe consumption to a sure shot way to muscular life!

Winstrol is one steroid that comes in the category of being an anabolic one. This means specifically formulated to reach the result of muscle making, as these chemicals are very similar to the male hormone, testosterone. Its chemical formula is C21H32N2O and it was developed by the Winthrop Laboratries in the 1950s.The key ingredient having the actual effect is known as Stanozolol or Androstanazole. This steroid has been given a nod by the FDA itself for human consumption.

It is thus clear which one to pick of the two if safety is the sole criterion. However, with doctor’s consultation and following the dosage prescribed under supervision, Winstrol would produce faster results as it is more conducive to both building and maintenance of the muscle mass. As the SHBG or the Sex-Hormone binding Globulin facilitates the circulation of testosterone to all the cells in the body much more than the estrogen, automatically giving space to muscle building mechanism.


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