Samsung’s SM-R150 fitness tracker looks exactly like a Gear S2


Samsung has many smartwatches available, but not too many dedicated fitness trackers. However, they seem to be working on a new type of fitness tracker that looks very similar to their Gear S2smartwatch.

Not too long ago we found out Samsung was working on a fitness tracker called the SM-R150, and now we are finally getting to see some images of what it will look like. Based on the pictures, it will be able to do things like count steps, check your heart rate, track water intake, and more.

However, it seems to look almost exactly like a Gear S2, but has less features. The similarities go beyond just looks, it will even feature the famous Gear S2 rotatable bezel. It will also feature a heart rate monitor, which can be used on your wrist or on your chest with an accessory. It will also probably use Samsung’s new Bio Processor chip, which they created specifically for fitness style wearables.

Since the device is basically a Gear S2 with less features, we would assume that its price will be lower as well. However, no prices have been revealed at this time.


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