How Today’s Technology Drives Tomorrow’s Fashion


Long term trends in fashion are heavily dependent and motivated by trends in technology.  New materials, designs and concepts drive innovations across the industry. To see which of today’s trends are the force behind wearables of the next generation, one must understand the intersection between technology and fashion that enables smart sellers and smart buyers.

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  1. Fashion and protection

Clothes can be used to keep us safe, whether it is in a situation involving fire, water or other dangers, Take for example, airbags for cyclists. These airbag scarves pop open to absorb the shock of a collision and still manage to look stylish when not in use.  Frontline Gloves are a networked system of gloves that enable firefighters to communicate with each other through some simple hand gestures. Using gestures, they can now communicate to their team if they are okay, if they are recovering a victim or even whether to evacuate.


  1. Fashion and the environment

With the world’s scarce resources becoming even harder to obtain, recycling and innovations are the key. From bicycle tubes that are converted into jackets to recycled metals that are used to create new clothing, another driving force behind fashion today is environmental concerns. This also means that technologies that generate energy from our movements and run off the power that is generated are the future of wearable technology. Solar powered wearable technology allows you to wear your favourite bikini or necklace and charge your phone off the energy that is generated by the sun hitting the chargeable surface.


  1. 3D Printed Fashion

Imagine a world where everyone is a designer and creator. With 3D printing, its no longer something you need to just imagine. Think of an idea and print it right out at home with your 3D printer, in the colour, shape and exact size that you want. Another idea off the 3D bandwagon that is making waves in the industry is abof’s 3D trial rooms. These allow you to virtually try on fashion clothing by creating a visual rendering of your body type. Instead of making those purchases and then returning what doesn’t fit you well, you can now try this and on-spot alterations to receive clothing that is ready to wear.


  1. Fashion and disabilities

The most fashion forward brands have come to embrace disabled buyers and are creating fashion for them. Fashionable braille watches, casts that can measure the extent of healing of the bone and muscle and a unique thimble that converts visual information into braille for the visually impaired to experience the world – these are just some of the ways that fashion today is becoming more inclusive. With product and process innovations, the fashion industry is really upping its game to stay ahead of emerging technological trends.


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