Tesla’s vegan-friendly faux leather: You can have your EV and save cows too


Some people buy Tesla’s fast-accelerating electric vehicles not for their performance but rather for their eco-friendly, polar bear-saving powertrains.

Ironically, once these buyers have plunked down the $100,000 (on average) for their Tesla, they are then forced to choose between interiors fitted with the skin of deceased cows or regular old cloth.

Cloth, as you can image, is far too uncouth for such a luxury machine. And leather, on the other hand, is an affront to an owner’s sensibilities. After all, they’re buying the car to protect the earth and its large mammals, not kill them. So, what is a buyer to do?

The answer, at least for the new Model X crossover, is to specify the “Ultra White” interior, which is fitted with vegan-friendly faux leather. Something another automaker, like BMW, might call “leatherette.”

Tesla Model X ultra white interior

“We find that customers enjoy both leather and nonleather options for their Teslas,” Tesla spokesperson Khobi Brooklyn, told the New York Times. “We are committed to giving customers the ability to build the Tesla that meets their needs and lifestyle choices.”

There you have it, well-heeled vegan EV enthusiasts: You can now option your high-riding all-electric crossover with a fine interior material that doesn’t require the slaughter of cows.

Now you just have to worry about how you’re going to keep your raw denim from staining the white seats.


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