Top Chromecast Hacks You should Know

Google is loved by billions of PC and web users for its indispensable software solutions, but the company also hogs headlines for its avant garde and innovative gadgets. The Chromecast is one such example.

The inexpensive but immensely useful streaming device became a runway success when Google unveiled it. The new version of Chromecast is even more useful and has garnered mostly positive reviews. However, you may learn a few Chromecast tips and hacks to extract more out of Google’s smart streaming dongle!

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Below listed are top Chromecast hacks that can make things easier for you:

  • Switching on TV, PC, or a tablet: You may make use of compatible mobile apps or Chromecast Browser Extension for these. In a situation you have found a video that you want to see on the TV, you can use this method. You have to be on the same WiFi network that the Chromecast is. The device must be connected to the main connection and not in USB port of your TV. If the TV supports HDMI-CEC, you can wake the TV up with a one tap.
  • Using VPN: You can geo-spoof your location using a virtual private network on Chromecast. This allows you to get access to streaming channels that would normally not be available in your region.
  • Smoother playback by settings alteration: Streaming music over an Internet network is not hard anymore, but for HD quality videos, the scenario is different! The video streaming quality and smoothness of playback depends on a number of factors like wireless router signal strength, size of video file, etc. To smoothen video streaming quality, go to “Cast” button of your browser. Choose Options> Tab projection quality and choose a fitting bit rate. Later you can boost the quality again.
  • Channel audio and video to different Entertainment setups: Chromecast’s sole HDMI plug for TV may be disappointing when you want to do this. All you need to use is a splitter like HDMI audio extractor or a fabulous AV receiver may fit the bill too. The former is however more affordable.
  • Enabling audio mode for improved music streaming: If you have got a nice sound bar for your HDTV, that can be used to stream music using the Chromecast. You can switch on the device’s audio mode for this.
  • Multitask with ease: You may get into a situation when you want to show a spreadsheet or video to co-workers while you check the emails without distraction. With Chrome browser extension for Mac OS and Windows, you can cast a specific tab into the TV screen and work on other tabs.
  • Utilizing Google Now: You may have used the digital voice assistant of Google, aka Google now in your android phone numerous times. Did you have any idea that Google Now can be used for casting? It is possible when you use programming app Tasker. With this app, you can set up a number of commands, including showing Netflix shows on the TV by using Google Now.
  • Cast through a shortcut: It is also possible to cast media content from your laptop or desktop directly. You will have to use the Google Cast extension in Chrome browser. If you do not have, install it. Then, open the browser and press Control+O to open the pop-up video selection box. The content you select next will be running from Chrome. Then tap cast in chrome and it will be shown on the big screen.
  • Using a wired connection. Yes, we have got addicted to using wireless everything from mobile phones to routers with time. Most of the times, you will be using the Chromecast to stream wirelessly, but sometimes a wired connection may be needed. If the wireless connection you use shuts off, use Chromecast with a handy Ethernet adapter. Sure it is not a pretty sight, but your job will be done.
  • Controlling presentations: Most people use Chromecast for streaming media files, but occasionally, it can be used for work too. You can use Chromecast to control slides. You will have to use Google Slides which are available for Android and iOS. When you use this app, Chromecast lets you project the presentations on a big display. After you install this app and open the presentation, just click on Chromecast button and the presentation will be shown on the TV screen it is linked too. It is smooth and does not require much tech skills either.


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