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It’s easy to go online and find an article about existing sites getting a quick mobile version to increase conversions. There’s no getting around the fact that a lot of people are accessing the Internet primarily on their mobile phones these days. Plenty of people still use desktop and laptop computers, of course. However, people can take their mobile devices anywhere, and they’re going to have downtime on the subway and in a lot of other locations. Businesses should make it convenient to access their websites through mobile devices.

However, it should be noted that creating a quick mobile version of a website or an application is much harder than it looks. There is no simple way to convert a website in that manner. Hiring services for website design and development san diego can make all the difference in the world for businesses that are trying to adopt a new strategy for increasing their conversions. They’re going to need web developers who do this sort of thing all the time, which is going to be easier and easier in a world where so many businesses are getting new mobile versions of their existing websites.


Businesses that have already spent a lot of money on website design and development are especially encouraged to get mobile versions of their web pages. Businesses that have very cheap websites that didn’t constitute much of an investment to begin with might want to just get new websites altogether. They can still hire website design and development san diego services, but they will hire these services in order to create completely new websites that were truly designed for the mobile age.

While even established businesses with great website design might be tempted to pursue this option as well, it should be noted that this might not make much sense for them from a marketing perspective. Established websites will usually have websites that have become trademarks of theirs. People will be used to their webpage design. Their existing customers aren’t going to want a change of scenery. There’s also the fact that their current website might be bringing in plenty of traffic, but the traffic is not actually translating into sales or substantial downloads.

The conversion rate of the website traffic is ultimately more important than the traffic in many ways. Websites with relatively low traffic but high conversion rates are going to make businesses more successful than websites with high traffic but low conversion rates, which is why effective marketing is more important than marketing that is just substantial.

People who are bringing in a lot of traffic with very high bounce rates are not only going to ultimately fail, but they’re going to fail while they believe that they’re succeeding. They’ll look at their inflated traffic numbers and they will assume that they’re doing better than they are, which is a problem. Improvements in conversion rates will actually help prevent this problem as well, since the traffic will be more representative of a website’s success.

Businesses that have great web design and development should not waste all of it by redesigning their websites and getting something completely new, unless their websites have become outdated in other ways. Getting website design and development san diego services can help people make upgrades and get mobile versions of their websites, which will be more than enough to bring them into the 2010’s. These new mobile versions will also give people opportunities to improve their conversion rates.

People can technically access most websites using their mobile devices. However, if the website is not actually mobile-friendly, then the person in question is not actually going to visit the website, which is going to influence the conversion rate for traffic. If that quintessential user has a mobile friendly web page at hand, then that user is going to be that much more likely to actually access the website in question. This sort of situation is going to happen over and over again for everyone involved, given the habits of modern Internet users. After businesses hire website design and development san diego in order to get quick mobile versions of their websites, they’re usually going to notice the difference right away, and they’ll recognize what a great investment they’ve made.


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