Why Multicultural Marketing Efforts Are Misunderstood

  1. Multicultural marketing agencies have amassed a great deal of knowledge about the ethnic demographic through many years of monitoring trends through ethnic consumer research.  A great deal of marketing specialists that do not have the required background in multicultural marketing will not be aware of the significance of the South Asian and Chinese demographic in Canada as it relates to their buying power.  So you need the most informed and experienced people to manage the multicultural marketing strategy for your brand.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Why Multicultural Marketing Efforts Are Misunderstood"
  1. There is no greater risk when building a multicultural marketing media plan than any other initiative.  In fact, the ethnic demographic in Canada can produce some huge rewards as a multicultural marketing plan can be bespoke to each user and with a carefully crafted cultural marketing strategy it has real potential to resonate with the immigrant community in Toronto and Canada as a whole.
  1. Multicultural marketing plans need the same care and attention as every other element of the media strategy.  Realistic goals and expectations must be communicated effectively.  As with any new demographic target there needs to be time allowed for a test and learn stage.
  1. Resources and expertise are needed to make a multicultural marketing plan work well.  Having an experienced hand guide the ethnic advertising efforts of a brand is essential to success.
  1. Related to the last point, it is common for junior team members to be handed the multicultural marketing sections of a media plan during the planning stage.  This is a mistake as the multicultural marketing component will probably require the greatest level of skill and experience to work well.  The tried and true components of a plan should be the easiest to work on and a new and exciting venture into ethnic advertising should be handled by the top people.
  1. The reporting of a multicultural marketing strategy once it has been implemented can be a little more difficult to manage.  This is due to the Chinese and South Asian demographics being underrepresented or over represented in some platforms.  There needs to be a significant amount of understanding of what benchmarks are used when reporting on the success of a multicultural marketing media plan.
  1. The return on investment can sometimes be unclear to the champions of mass market strategies.  The relevance of this will vary from industry to industry.  The main problem with this is understanding the value of a new customer over time.  Newcomers to Canada are essentially a black slate when it comes to brand loyalty so there is a lot of potential to acquire and keep them as customers and long term consumers.
  1. Cultural emotional touchstones can go ignored when building out a multicultural marketing plan.  It is not enough to simply translate the copy of an ad into a series of languages.  For a multicultural marketing strategy to work well, there needs to be a lot of research and effort employed to make sure that the ad not only speaks the language of your target but communicates the meaning as well
  1. Short term tests are great, but you won’t see the real value of a multicultural marketing strategy until you commit to the long haul.

Knowing that you have an expert in multicultural marketing in Canada in your corner goes a long way to getting the plan off to a great start, and once you have begun to see some market penetration the rewards will be significant.  By launching a multicultural marketing media plan, and learning at each stage of the strategy as it unfolds there will generally be some spectacular results.


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